Roland UA-55 Quad Capture Audio Interface

 "The Quad Capture is a brilliant interface for the price.

After going through multiple lower priced interfaces, the quad capture was the one for me due to its rock solid construction and high end pre-amps.
The 'Auto Sense' feature takes away the disappointment of playing 'your greatest ever riff' only for it to begin distorting half way won't ever happen again using the 'Auto Sense'!”
Jordan, Pianos & Guitars
Quad Capture


Roland F-140R Digital Piano

"Living in a small mid-terraced Victorian house in London as I do, space is crucial.

The Roland F-140R was my perfect solution.

At just over 12 inches in depth, it actually fits in my hallway, but more importantly for me the piano key action is the closest to an acoustic piano I've ever tried on a slim-line digital piano. Sorted!” 

Jeff, Pianos & Orchestral Manager


Roland KC110 Stereo Keyboard Amplifier, 30 Watts

“The KC-110 stereo amp has always been popular with keys players. With the option to run it off battery power, it is a popular companion with a lot of buskers I see around London.

The amp has two 6.5 inch speakers and two tweeters generating 30 watts of power. Quite the kick!”

Jordan, Pianos & Guitars

BOSS ST2 Powerstack

“For some reason this pedal is very much under the radar as far as Boss pedals are concerned...

This is a truly excellent digital modelling pedal that emulates the classic Marshall amp tones from all eras, from the JTM45 through to the modern Marshall models.

Very simple to use, nice touch sensitivity, cleans up really well when backing off the guitar's volume control.”

Andy, Guitars

BOSS CH1 Super Chorus Pedal

“The original tried and true classic, much copied by other pedal makers. Smooth warm analogue tones, ranging from a gentle spacious swirl, through to Leslie-like fast vibrato.

Still holds its own against the more expensive "boutique" pedals that copy this design.”

Jake, Guitars

Pianos Department