In late 2016, Boss launched the new range of Katana amps.

They have been extremely well received and all of us at Rose Morris love them! I loved it so much that I ended up getting the Katana 100w and when you plug in it’s not hard to see why, let me talk you through my reasoning.

I am a songwriter so when I’m in my home studio I always want either a versatile amp or a massive array of pedals that I can mess around with which can be very expensive and you need to know what you’re buying\using. With the Katana you get both! Now… let me explain.

In all the Katana amps you have “Tone Studio”. This is a technology built into the amp that gives you over 50 legendary boss effects pedals you can use pick from to mould your sound to whatever your musical soul desires. For example, if you are a metal guitarist you might want to add some different types of distortion to add some more grit to your sound. Or say you want to find a more ambient guitar tone you can add some different reverbs, delays or chorus to experiment with! As you can see, in terms of tones the sky is the limit with these amps and one of the main reasons I went for one.


In terms of layout, the top of the amp is very simple which is a breath of fresh air on an amp with so many options built into it. You have your amplifier section, a 3 band EQ, effects section and a master volume with a presence control.

You have 5 types of sounds. Acoustic setting for playing an acoustic guitar which is a nice feature, Clean, crunch, lead and a brown sound which is a higher gain distortion.

This is a very versatile array of sounds to have at your disposal for live, practice or studio application.

In terms of use as a practice amp a feature that I have found extremely useful is the power control. This allows you to have a cranked-up tone at a lower volume to make sure you still get inspired without annoying the neighbours! (too much)

The Katana amps come in 4 different models. 3 combos and 1 amp head.

For your combo amps, you have the Katana 50w, 100w and a 100w 2x12

The head is 100w watts and has a 5-inch speaker in it. (Ever seen that before?!)


In conclusion, the Katana amps are great for anyone who are still trying to find their sound and experiment all the way to a studio amp that anyone can come in and make use of.

The amount of effects you can use makes the amp extremely adaptable for any situation.

And the different sizes give you options to suit anyone’s needs.


Come down, try one and see what you think!



Adam Balderston