"Who actually made the first electric piano?" I hear you ask. Well like me, you probably imagined it'd be one of the big five brands. However, having 'googled' I was surprised to learn it was in fact a certain Mr C Bechstein. Yes, the purveyor of some of the finest acoustic grand pianos in the world beat all the other companies to this accolade way back in 1939 with the rather audacious sounding Neo-Bechstein - It was an acoustic Grand piano fitted with electric pick ups, a valve amplifier and an external speaker system….A truly innovative product of its time.


So, why am I boring you with all this? Well, Bechstein have teamed up with Casio to produce a unique digital piano which combines the best of both worlds in the form of ‘Grand Hybrid’. Using the same wooden materials found in traditional Bechstein Acoustic piano actions (Austrian Spruce) and developing a unique hammer action combined with all the benefits usually associated with electronic pianos, the two companies have come up with a game changer. They’re aim is simple: Combine the best features of a digital piano with the feel as close as possible to that of a high quality acoustic grand piano hence the name ‘ Grand Hybrid’.

Using samples of the top three European acoustic piano manufacturers along with unique features which allow you to play along with real audio recordings from world famous orchestras, the GP300,& GP500 models have an authentic touch and response which is definitely worth your time and effort to visit our showrooms!  JL

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