With so many acoustic guitars to choose from, it's easy to get a little lost when trying to find the perfect fit. 

Although it was quite a tricky task, have no fear, I'm here to help make your decision a little bit easier with a rundown of our top ten acoustic guitars:


Shaftesbury 3190e £449

In the 1960's Rose Morris introduced a line of Rodeo Guitars- affordable acoustics readily available to any budding rock star of the day. Nearly 50 years later, we have revamped a Shaftesbury Classic into the modern workhorse. The Shaftesbury 3190 is an all solid wood guitar with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This classic dreadnought shape is great for all players alike, especially those who enjoy blues, country.

I particularly like the way this guitar handles country style-finger picking and big bluesy chords. 

Setup and designed right here in in our London work shop, these guitars are only available at Rose Morris! The 3190 comes with a tweed hard case and a lifetime warranty. Models also available with a custom-fit fishman pickup. 

James Neligan DEV-A £199

Truly one of the best values for money, the James Neligan ASY-D makes for the perfect guitar for beginners and acoustic enthusiasts alike.

I always recommend this guitar to customers who are looking for something they can grow into as well as something they don't have to worry about growing out of too quickly. This guitar's surprising playability will certainly help those who are just starting out get used to the instrument and will also help you stay motivated! 

Sitting at just under £200 with a solid mahogany top, this guitar is perfect for those looking to enjoy warm tones and playability without breaking the bank.

James Neligan offer a full range of guitars under £400 that would suit any beginner or enthusiastic guitarist in search for their first upgrade. Our full range of James Neligan's can be found online here or in store. 

Guild M-120 £471

This all solid mahogany parlour guitar is the perfect companion for any singer/songwriter or blues/folk enthusiast.  With it's slim and rounded neck profile and parlour sized body, this guitar is comfortable and practical, making it the ideal companion for anyone looking for a functional and enjoyable guitar.

I find that this guitars takes really well to melodic fingerpicking patterns. For it's size it is a surprisingly warm sounding guitar, adding a great texture for a vocalist looking for some hearty and lush accompaniment. 

The Guild M-120 is also available with a pickup and comes with a custom-fit Guild flight case. 


Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe Acoustic Guitar £529


This Canadian-made solid top Mahogany acoustic is the answer for anyone looking for an all around classic acoustic guitar. The Mahogany top provides a range of mellow and warm mid-range tones, giving this guitar's sound a great bit of character. 

I would recommend this guitar for folk players looking for an even voice for passionate strumming and intricate fingerstyle techniques. 

Seagull source all of their wood ethically and continue to maintain a positive relationship with lumber mills and use environmentally sustainable materials in all of their guitars- making them completely natural, like an acoustic ought to be. 

Taylor GS Mini-e Rosewood £539

The GS Mini Rosewood takes the cake when it comes to travel-sized acoustics. A classic spruce/rosewood combination gives this smaller scale guitar a strong and confident voice. Recently, Taylor have fitted all of their electro-acoustics with the ES2 pickup. Up until now these wonderful pickups have only been available in American models, but are now spread across nearly the entire range allowing any Taylor player to get an authentic acoustic sound while playing live or recording. 

If they haven't played a GS Mini before, customers are always shocked with the playability and volume of this comfortable guitar. I always reassure them that what Taylor does best is consistency, and that their GS Mini's incredible tones will be surprising them for years to come!

This shop-favourite, along with all GS Mini models come with a custom-fit padded gig bag and a 12 year Taylor warranty. 

Taylor 214-ce Deluxe £1035

Like its little cousin the GS Mini, the 214ce Deluxe is another one of our most popular Taylors. With it's glossy finish and handsomely figured rosewood back, this guitar definitely looks as good as it sounds. This is most certainly one of the crown jewels of Taylor's wide range of Mexican made acoustics.

Rosewood back and sides give this guitar a balanced yet powerful bassy tone, while the spruce top is bright and sharp.I think this guitar is great for a variety of styles, but really shines for sparkly pop chords, gritty blues licks, and twangy country plucking. 

The deluxe model features a high-gloss finish, diamond-inlays and includes a Taylor hard case and 12 year warranty. 

Riversong Canadian Special Edition £1449


Riversongs are certainly the most unique acoustic guitars we have ever stocked here at Rose Morris. Last summer we had the honour of meeting Riversong CEO and inventor Mike Miltimore, and got a first hand experience picking the brain of someone who wanted to change the way acoustic guitars were made. 

These unique guitars include a neck that goes all the way through the body, allowing you to make quick and easy adjustments to the action without needing to use the truss rod. This particular model has a body made entirely of solid Canadian Spruce, giving it a bright and boomy sound. 

I especially like how Mike and his team source wood locally and ethically in their home province of British Columbia. Simple and practical, these guitars give a breath of fresh air to the time honoured design of the acoustic guitar. 


Taylor 614-ce £2663


On a recent trip to Chicago I was given the opportunity to try out the newly redesigned 614ce before it arrived over-seas in London, and I must admit, I was very excited about the prospect that we would be stocking this guitar. 

The maple back and sides give this guitar a warm, bassy voice, while the spruce top gives you a punchy sparkle on top of it all.
For someone like myself who is an aggressive player, this highly responsive guitar matches perfectly with the player looking to get the most out of their unique approach to playing. 
It's easy to say the 614ce is one of the most versatile, and unique, acoustic guitars we have in the shop. 

The 714ce is a rootsy-sounding acoustic that sits perfectly in our wide range of Taylor's. This American-made solid Cedar top acoustic provides sparkly mid tones complimented by deep and boomy solid rosewood back and sides. 

This guitar is great for folk and roots players looking for a bit of bite and their tone. I think this guitar sounds particularly nice in open tunings, and has a nice even tone for those lush open chords.

The Taylor 714-ce comes with a full taylor 12 year warranty and a deluxe hard case.

The Taylor 510e is a unique take on the classic Dreadnought shape. It's solid Lutz spruce top and tropical mahogany back and sides are a great pairing for this all around work horse guitar. 

Even though this guitar has mahogany back and sides, it's surprisingly rich and bassy. You can really feel the guitar resonate, especially on those big and boxy open chords. This guitar is great for a variety of styles, especially complimenting styles like blues and country with it's crisp high tones and strong lows. 

The 510e also features a slightly shorter scale length and a slotted headstock, allowing it to feel like it has a lower tension- making string bends easy. Like all American Taylor models, this guitar comes with a hard case and 12 year warranty. 

Kess is an acoustic and electric guitar enthusiast who is the proud owner of a Taylor 414ce. She is our resident Canadian and has left the land of maple syrup to pursue a career in music. Kess enjoys hollow bodies, rock music, tiny dogs, and is a genuine Ringo Starr fan. 

You can find the full list of guitars here

Matt Wilkinson