Aston Mics are a unique British company committed to manufacturing some of the finest, most creative and affordable pro audio instruments on the market.
   We say instrument because a great microphone is more than just a studio resource, it's the heart and soul of any recording.
   The main ingredient behind Aston's growing popularity and success among studios and producers, is their devoted work effort. Each and every design begins it's life thrown under the spotlight before a panel of top audio professionals.
   A critical group of gear geeks there to kick up a fuss and ensure that every tiny detail is taken into account to establish Aston as the very best in their class!
   Rose Morris are very proud to be working with such an innovative, local company and to whether or not you choose the Spirit, Origin or Starlight as your weapon of choice, we are confident that you will not be disappointed!
Lewis, Rose Morris Pianos & Recording Specialist


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