Taylor is a leader in acoustic guitar design and innovation and they have now pushed the envelope even further with the new V-Class bracing design.  The 9 series is the first to get this re-designed system and the team at Rose Morris recently got a chance to play it and it did not disappoint.
The new model has better intonation and bell like sustain, and is a joy to play. 
Standard open chords sound better than ever while complex voicings sound even more intricate and detailed... it really sounds like every note has its own space within the chord.
The improved sustain mirrors that of a piano with a sustain pedal and makes playing an effortless experience.


What Taylor say:

"If you’ve been following Taylor, you probably know that we recently introduced a new bracing pattern called V-Class bracing. Developed by master guitar designer Andy Powers, this new design revoices the acoustic guitar by changing how the guitar’s top vibrates.

The new V-shaped bracing creates stiffness along the centerline of the guitar (parallel to the strings) and flexibility across the soundboard, allowing both sides of the top to vibrate in an orderly fashion. That rigidity generates greater sustain, while the increased flexibility of the top produces more volume and power. Likewise, that even, orderly vibration pattern resolves the clashing sound waves that we perceive as imperfect intonation, where sour notes and dissonance might arise out of certain chord voicings and note patterns along the fretboard."

The team at Rose Morris is super excited to have this guitar in the store. I highly recommend coming into store to hear the guitar for yourself. 
Guitar Specialist
Anthony Di Giovanni
Bold Commerce Collaborator