In the days of midi controllers and DAW's where you have emulations of classic sounds spoon-fed to you we often forget that these programs used to be actual instruments that you interacted with directly using knobs, sliders and your fingers. For those of you who have played a vintage analogue synth you know that it is really hard to replace that certain magic of interacting with an actual unit that was designed to be physically controlled by the user. You feel as though you are the captain of a sonic spaceship that interacts directly with your body as you turn the knobs, tweak the sliders and hear the wonderful sound of electricity flowing through the different tributaries of the circuits. The downside to these wonderful instruments were the sheer complexity of manufacture and engineering insured that you had to practically re-mortgage your home to by one and they could be quite fragile with all those components being constantly twisted and adjusted. Korg was one of the first manufacturers to bring this wonderful new world of sound to the working musician in a portable, reliable and affordable package and just like so many other iconic brands they were introduced and distributed by Rose Morris.


Fortunately some things never change. You can still walk in to Rose Morris Pianos at No.10, Denmark St. in London and pick up the latest synthesiser from Korg.


Ed Cox
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