Pete Townshend. Where do we even begin? The windmill wizard who helped bring us the Marshall stack and spoke for so many generations. Perhaps no one has physically embodied Rock n' Roll and laid down so many lines that were not laid before this fiery frontman/guitarist. Combining the primal menace of Link Wray and melodic sense of Hank Marvin he created a guitar style that was as much physical as it was sonic that utilised feedback, powerchords and plenty of emotion. In this iconic image we see him thrashing on his favoured "chord machine" the Rose Morris Rickenbacker model 1993. They differed from the American counter-parts to appeal to British taste. These export models ditched the stereo inputs and replaced the scimitar sound-hole with a more traditional f-hole. The fretboards also sported dot inlays as opposed to the shark fin style used on the American Ricky's. In this shot you can also see the early Marshall Plexi's behind him that no doubt provided the wind for his trademark strumming style. We at Rose Morris are very proud of our heritage and the sixties were such a pivotal point for us when we helped usher in these now iconic brands.


Ed Cox
Tagged: Guitar History