In this 1975 Rose Morris catalogue we find a truly unique and groundbreaking instrument. The Ovation breadwinner with it's futuristic body shape might be jarring at first glance, but once you play one you understand that this is not just stylistic, but functional engineering. Ergonomics dictate the visual aesthetic and you are just as comfortable sitting dow as well as standing. Interestingly enough the Breadwinner was the first guitar to feature a built-in preamp or active pickups. A unique instrument will always attract a unique artist and the Breadwinner was favored by Robert Smith and can be heard on the incredible Siouxsie and the Banshee's live album Nocturne. Even though he was playing John Mcheoch's parts you can hear that the guitar has a voice all it's own. This was one of the only electric models Ovation produced over the years and like so many other legendary brands it was introduced by Rose Morris.


Ed Cox
Tagged: Guitar History