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Posted on July 21, 2014

In this rocking Rose Morris/Marshall advert from 1967 you can see some customers of ours you may recognize. That was one of those years when the planets aligned and a synergy of technology, culture and art just exploded and rule books were tossed out the window. Suddenly musicians could express themselves without the confines of hit singles and two minute bubblegum hooks. The album as a whole was the medium giving guitar players room to experiment and give the lead singer a run for his money. London was ground zero for this phenomenon as a technological renaissance was taking place ushering in the stack as a back-line and pedals at your feet to sculpt your sonic footprint. We at Rose Morris sometimes have to pinch ourselves to wake up from these daydreams of past pinnacles and be ready to supply the soldiers of the next musical revolution...


Tags: History
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