London's Iconic Music Store 

Humble Beginnings

Posted on July 21, 2014

In this little snapshot from 1920, we see the earliest incarnation of the Rose Morris & Co., LTD.

Here at No.16, Rosoman St. in London's Clerkenwell district, the Rose brothers and their sister Clara paid one pound a week in rent with a staff of one lad who worked for 10 Schillings weekly. Though they started off with toys and other small goods, stock naturally gravitated toward mouth organs, accordions and even whigs! It is hard
to imagine the vibe of a musical instrument shop 35 years before Rock and Roll, but it was probably padded out with other small goods related to performance.

Rose Morris has seen a lot over the last century, but some things never change. You can still walk into one of the world's longest running musical retailers and walk out smiling with a Rose Morris Sponsored Instrument!


Tags: History
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