In 1968, if you were a professional touring musician chances are you had at least one Marshall stack behind you. If you had a Marshall stack behind you, chances are you got it from Rose Morris. We are very proud to have been a part of Rock n' Roll history and usher in one of the biggest names in amplification. Because we were the exclusive distributor, it generated an impressive list of legendary clientele.

In those days PA equipment was not very powerful and musicians relied on stage volume not only for their own reference, but for the audience as well. As volume became more and more a part of the guitarist's expression the need for power became insatiable. Thankfully, a young man named Pete Townshend's thirst for decibles resulted in the "stack" format that is still the standard back-line approach today.

As you can see in this old Rose Morris advert here, a myriad of musical masters utilized the Marshall stack to project their sonic
visions regardless of genre. We were with them the whole way, providing the Rose Morris Sponsored Instrument to these legendary icons.


Ed Cox
Tagged: Guitar History