A great guitar player is someone who is instantly recognizable. From the second you here their hand make contact with their instrument you know it is them. There are a number of factors involved in this phenomenon, the first being a human touch. While Brian May certainly has one of the most distinct, heavenly playing styles in the history
of recorded music, in his case the subsequent gear in the signal chain is just as much a part of his unique sonic footprint.

Everyone knows about his Red Special that he and his father built together. Few guitarists start their life as a player by actually building their instrument from scratch and maybe more should if the results are anything like that of Brian May, but let us not forget the diamond-faced British legend behind him throughout his vibrant
career.....The Vox AC30!

In this 1987 Rose Morris/Vox catalogue we see the man in action administering an aural bath of velvety-smooth, vowel-like, Vox tone from a wall of green, gold, black and brown Rose Morris AC30 Top-Boost-Reverbs. This was during our ownership of Vox and we look back at that period with great fondness. It is truly an amazing thing to supply one of the world's greatest guitarists with one of the world's greatest amps.


Ed Cox
Tagged: Guitar History