Anyone who has controlled the awesome analogue power of a vintage synthesizer knows how exhilarating and strangely organic it feels. Voltage controlled keyboards emit a sound that you can feel physically because it is physical. Digital modeling is getting better every year and opened up an endless array of sounds at your finger-tips, but sometimes less is more and particularly if you want those old-school warm, fat tones.

In this old Rose Morris/Korg advert they try a new angle of marketing and give you the straight facts. The science of sound from the penny-whistle to the synth. An odd pairing of brands, but they do bridge the gap between Hohner and Korg products quite well. We still sell a tonne of Hohner mouth organs and Korg synths today, so come down to 10 Denmark St. and take your place in the evolution of sound!


Ed Cox
Tagged: History Piano