Rose Morris has always offered the top brands of the day at the best price and often been the exclusive dealer or even manufacturer of the best available instruments on the market.

In this 60's general catalogue you can see all the big boys of the biz in one place. Marshall was distributed by us exclusively and here we see early pre-script version of the logo that would adorn the biggest British amplifier company in the world. We knew Hendrix, Townshend, Lennon, May and Gorham when they were still carving their names in the walls of Rock and supplied them with the Vox, Marshall and Rickenbacker gear that helped define the genre.

Today, we are London's exclusive Taylor Guitar dealer and still offer one of the widest ranges of stock in the city and the place to come if you need Zildjian cymbals, Korg keyboards or Vox amps.


Ed Cox
Tagged: History