Did you know that humidity is the secret to extending the life of your acoustic guitar? It's a factor that can make or break (hopefully not literally!) the longevity of your purchase - here's where the TaylorSense comes in. 

The new innovation from Taylor guitars replaces the current ES2 battery box to provide extensive insight into the status of your guitar including humidity, temperature, battery life, and even any impacts that may cause damage thanks to an in-built accelerometer. 

This small, discreet accessory can unlock a whole new understanding of your guitar's health, allowing a longer lasting, better playing instrument - with the summer heat just around the corner, we want to make sure your new Taylor has all the protection it needs, so until May 31st, we're giving away a FREE TaylorSense with every compatible American made guitar, so your dream guitar plays like one forever! With an RRP of £72, it's the perfect companion to that brand new Taylor you've been thinking about!

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