It's that time of year again! Us musicians can be hard to please, so here's our top tips for gifts to suit any budget: 


1. Straps

A classic! From reliable block colours to floral and even deluxe leather, we've got it all, starting from just £9. The best way to personalise your instrument without breaking the bank, or getting the stickers out!

Our Staff Favourite: DSL 2.5" Single Ply Leather Strap Brown


2. Pedal

An easy way to change your sound without investing in a whole new guitar, pedals are a great option to open up a huge variety of tones. Overdrive and Delay can be awesome starting points!  

Our Staff Favourite: Mooer MOD1 Green Mile Overdrive Pedal


3. Travel Guitar

Perhaps the most welcome gift to any guitarist - an addition to the collection! Our Taylor Baby's and GS Mini's cover all the bases for wood types, sound, and sizing, no matter the journey.

Our Staff Favourite: Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor ¾ Scale


4. Strings

 The one thing guitarists never stop needing! An upgrade on strings, although subtle, can really elevate a guitar's tone. We recommend Elixir strings for extra durability and endurance.

Our Staff Favourite: Elixir Optiweb Super Light Electric Guitar Strings


5. Picks

Often overlooked, the humble pick can make all the difference to a comfortable playing experience. With so many varieties available, a combo pick tin is a great way to discover something new, as well as store your current favourites. 

Our Staff Favourite: Taylor Darktone Series Pick Tin, Koa


6. Audio Interface

If your loved one has everything for their instrument covered and perhaps wants to step into the world of recording, an affordable audio interface is the way to go. Featuring Mic, Guitar, and MIDI inputs, the new Mooer Steep II interface is a great starting point. 

Our Staff Favourite: Mooer Steep II 2x2 Audio / MIDI Interface


If you're still stuck, drop in store or give our team a call on 020 7836 0991 and we'll be happy to help!


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