Christmas is here again and at Rose Morris, there's plenty of options for the perfect gift. Perhaps you fancy playing guitar with picks adorned with the King's face or you want to look 'metal' and snazzy at the same time with a 'Motorhead' strap. Here are our must have gifts for the guitarist in your life.


Plectrums have a funny knack of vanishing right when you need them most. Some end up down the back of the sofa, others end up in the washing machine, I personally think there is a parallel dimension where they all ship off to, either way this is the perfect way to keep track of the little devils!
It doesn't matter how good you are, every guitarist needs a helping hand with tuning once in a while. There's no better way to keep on top of your pitch than a clip on tuner. There are so many options to choose. from the simple but reliable Stagg CTU to the  familiar red Snark tuner. But this stylish and accurate offering from Korg takes the biscuit.

Mostly prevalent with acoustic players, but just as useful for the electric player, A capo is a great way to mix things up and introduce you to various new styles of playing. The G 7th Nashville Capo gives you flexibility with its quick change mechanism and unbeatable string intonation.

This little gadget is a must have for any player. If you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, the pro winder makes restrings a breeze and is compatible with 99% of electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The string clipper and bridge pin remover get the job done all in one.


There are plenty of small gift ideas at Rose Morris this Christmas. Come and see us on Denmark Street and we can help you make someones day!
Matt Wilkinson