Micro pedals have gone from a FX fad to a full blown phenomenon. It's now possible to recreate any classic tone without breaking the bank or your back. We at Rose Morris love these little guys and have come up with our top 5 favorite Mooer pedal combos to help you sound like your heroes.

1) Blue Faze Fuzz and Soul Shiver Vibe

For a classic Hendrix tone, try this vintage fuzz face style pedal paired with the vibrato setting on the Soul Shiver. The watery modulation paired with this thick fuzz will take you right to Band of Gypsies territory. 

2) ElecLady Flanger and Reecho Tape Delay

Dave Gilmour is famous for his use of the Electric Mistress Flanger and the Binson Echorec delay, These two mini Mooers channel this atmospheric combo with great results

3) Cruncher and Ninety Orange

For that classic Plexi drive sound, look no further than the Cruncher. When paired with the Ninety Orange's wide sweeping phase you can get that massive 'Eruption' tone

4) Ultra Drive and Ensemble King

For a great 90's grunge tone, look no further than heavy distortion into thick chorus. Set the Ultra Drive to its highest gain setting and blast out those power chords. If it was good enough for Kurt, it's good enough for you!

5) Triangle Buff and Pitch Box

There no modern guitar heroes that sound quite like Jack White. The Triangle Buff nails his bass heavy fuzz tone while the Pitch Box brings both upper and/or lower octaves into the mix. 

These micro  pedals will help you achieve some classic rock tones, but there's plenty more great combos to be explored. We have a great deal on all our Mooer pedals right now. Buy any pedal and get another for 20% off! Come down to Rose Morris and find your perfect paring. 





Matt Wilkinson