The most common question we're asked these days at Rose Morris isn't about new products or which looper will help me sound more like Ed Sheeran (That's a close second) but on the future of Denmark Street itself. "How long till this is all gone?", "Where are you guys moving too?". It's great to hear our customers so engaged, but it's also important to give a different perspective.

It's potent issue at the moment, one which resonates greatly within the musical community. The idea of the legendary Tin Pan Alley being filled with high street coffee chains and luxury flats is a real concern for a lot of people. However, It's important to remember that Denmark Street has gone through many changes over it's long, illustrious history and still managed to retain it's place as a busy and vibrant part of central London.

One of the biggest challenges we face is uncertainty. We have recently lost some key elements of our road, 12 Bar and Enterprise Studios, and the outcry has been keenly felt. However, the idea that 'Denmark Street is dead' only serves to damage the remaining businesses who still thrive here. It may be changing, and some will say for the worse, but to write us off entirely is to do further disservice to this great UK institution. 

We're privileged at Rose Morris to have been involved in such an important part of British cultural history, however, we can't afford to dwell on the past. Redevelopment of the area will have pros and cons but as long as we continue to move forward, and you guys continue to choose Denmark Street as a destination to support independent business. We'll be a part of writing it's future. 

Matt Wilkinson