Many people think that buying a custom made guitar is reserved only for professional players who require something unique and not readily available on the standard models out there. Whilst there is some truth to this I would argue that if you are going to spend a lot of money on a guitar that will last a lifetime why not consider the various custom amendments out there? A lot of people think that these instruments will cost far too much but often the actual price can be as little as £250 more than the standard model.

In our custom room we can talk you through the process and help you decide whether it would be worth it for you. Often a customer will come to us and say that they want to buy the acoustic guitar of a lifetime but they are unsure about what to get. sometimes they feel like they have large hands and they struggle to feel at ease with a standard guitar neck. Why spend all the money on something they will never be quite happy with? Taylor guitars offer any of their models with a 1⅞ inch nut width for a small upcharge. This way the customer is happy and can get the perfect guitar for them.

maybe you would like some small aesthetic changes. no problem you can choose from several different tuners, scratchplate/no scratchplate, Different Inlays, a selection of finishes or a different wood option. If you're not fussed about a cutaway or electronic pickup then save your money, we'll order you a guitar without it.

Perhaps you have a particular playing style that a certain wood combination might really suit or a body shape. Why not come and talk to a member of staff. They can give you an idea of the cost and time you'd be looking at. 


We're always here if you need a hand and we want you to find the perfect guitar for you.


Trust me, It's out there!


Henry Wilson - Sales Assistant



Paul Smith