Bobby Sands is without a doubt a controversial, albeit influential political reactionary who's involvement in the IRA throughout the 1970's eventually led him to various prison stints where he and his fellow Irish Republican prisoners conducted famous hunger strikes in reaction to their "special category status," concluding in his untimely death in 1981.

Some say he was a hero, some say he was a terrorist. Regardless of political opinions, he was a talented song-writer and poet who's works have been performed, acknowledged and celebrated by such artists as Christy Moore, The Grateful Dead, The Cranberries, The Undertones and Rage Against the Machine. 

Here, we see him in a recording studio holding a Ned Callan Shaftesbury Cody Bass. These hand-made, British rarities are revolutionary in their own right and known for their super low action and great sounding pickups. The Ned Callan Shaftesbury guitars are super rare and quite valuable if you can find one. They were designed by Peter Cook (who used the pseudonym Ned Callan) and made in the famous Shergold factory for Rose Morris at the highest boutique quality standard.


Ed Cox