This diminutive, yet elegant Rickenbacker was a favorite of John Lennon for it's light-weight, beautiful styling and wide range of tones thanks to the three toaster -top pickups. 

This was the era of pointy boots, jangling guitars, pitch-perfect harmonies and girls who screamed so loud you thought their pretty little heads might just explode! The Fab Four were at the height of a cultural revolution cresting the second wave of Rock n' Roll that rolled Beethoven right over. The mop-top lads from Liverpool relied on Rickenbacker and Vox for years and exploited every nuance of the soundscapes therein looking stylish on stage in the process. 

Without a doubt one of our most illustrious endorsers, John Lennon and his Rose Morris sponsored Rickenbacker model 1996 might just be the most incredible page in our history book.


Ed Cox
Tagged: Guitar History