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Shaftesbury Acoustic Guitars

Since the swinging 60s, the legendary Shaftesbury line of guitars has enticed London's budding guitar heroes and gigging musicians to pick up and play. Soon to be synonymous with the London sound, these tools were wielded by the working musician and London's elite alike. From the windmill power-chords of swinging London, the tones of the future were heard for miles and miles.

Each instrument is hand-assembled right here in the heart of London with care and attention to detail, and all our Shaftesbury acoustic guitars are sponsored by Rose Morris and backed by our unique lifetime warranty that includes setups, repairs and replacements.

4 products found in Shaftesbury Acoustic Guitars

Shaftesbury 3160 Parlour Acoustic Guitar
  • £599.00
Shaftesbury 3170 Folk Acoustic Guitar
  • £599.00
Shaftesbury 3190 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • £599.00
Shaftesbury 3190e Dreadnought Electro Acoustic Guitar
  • £699.00