Summer Cymbal Specials

Until the end of July - Rose Morris is having a massive sale on selected cymbals on our Zildjian & Stagg collections!
Grab a beer or a coffee and sit down - here's our take on what's on offer..........
For over twenty years Stagg cymbals have made a real name for themselves in world of drumming by introducing high-quality and amazingly-priced cymbals to their product range. 
Worth knowing, every cymbal is handmade of B20 Bronze, sounds great and are long lasting as any other (more established - really, really old) brand. 
Their quality has a lot to do with the new manufacturing process that was introduced at their China factory back in 2009. 
Stagg do not run big advertising campaigns or have the large artist endorse network that some brands do, this is why they are able to keep costs down and pass that profit margin on to you the customer.
We like that concept at Rose Morris because we can offer a quality product to our customers with large or little pockets!
Zildjian - 'nough said, these cymbals need no introduction. Being the most famous cymbal brand in the world.  We expect you all know, that for over 300 years Zildjian cymbals have proved to be the best-sounding and longest-lasting cymbals in the market.
From the practice L80 cymbal packs to the best-selling K, A and A Custom series, there's a Zildjian cymbal for everyone.
Still not finished that drink?  Click here to go to our site and browse through the products and prices.
PS: If you can't find your favourite cymbal in our website or in-store, ask one of our staff members for ordering details. At Rose Morris we can create a special order for you from our suppliers, and give you cost and delivery details.