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Santa's wish list: Top 5 Dream gear

Posted on December 18, 2015

They say it's the thought that counts, but that doesn't stop most of us fantasizing about what an unlimited budget could bring on Christmas morning. Here our Rose Morris staff pick what they'd want to find under their tree if money were no object.

Kess - Taylor 614ce

On a recent trip to Chicago I was given the opportunity to try out the newly redesigned 614ce before it arrived over-seas in London, and I must admit, I was very excited about the prospect that we would be stocking this guitar.

The maple back and sides give this guitar a warm, bassy voice, while the spruce top gives you a punchy sparkle on top of it all. It's easy to say the 614ce is one of the most versatile, and unique, acoustic guitars we have in the shop. 


Duncan - Roland TD-25KV



As an acoustic kit player, the TD-25KV provides a perfect substitute for the real thing. Every nuance and subtlety is meticulously catered for.  Moreover, the vast amount of sounds, kits and instruments are great inspiration for any creative drummer!

Sam - Roland JC-120



120 watts of the most incredible clean tone with a chorus effect to match. The JC-120 just handles all pedals beautifully, goes louder than you ever need to, has a clean and distortion channel with built in effects. I just can't get past this historic beast, everything sounds great on this amp.


Jeff - Kawai CS10


If I could have any Piano in the shop, It would have the be the CS10. Everything about it just feels amazing. The action on the keys and the finishing are fantastic. Most importantly, the quality of the sound keeps me sat at the keys for hours on end, I cant stop playing!

Matt - Boss SY300

We got a sneak preview of this pedal earlier in the year and I was pretty sceptical. However, I was instantly blown away by how much you could do with this pedal.

The blender function means there's an almost infinite amount of cool sounds on tap and the ease with which you can control the different functions make this a really fun and creative experience. There's nothing quite like it. 

Joe - ESP E-II ST-2

The ST-II is unashamedly the most fun I've had playing any guitar in a long time. You'd certainly struggle to find a more capable shred machine than this!

Although at first glance this guitar suits a metal style of playing, its extremely versatile DiMarzio passive pickups state otherwise.


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