Joe's Jazz TABS: 'Samba e Amor'

Brazilian guitarist and composer Chico Buarque is renowned for his contribution to Brazilian popular music. He is currently performing with a Godin Multiac guitar, many of which we currently hold in stock. Rose Morris have often been associated with Brazilian musicians in London; our reputation was established with clients such as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil frequently visiting the store and performing with our instruments. A recent documentary featuring both artists and Rose Morris has been featured on BBC Brazil and can be seen at the following link:

For any guitarist looking for a gentle introduction into Brazilian popular music, here is a full transcription of Chico Buarque's beautiful, 'Samba e Amor'. This piece is best suited to a nylon strung acoustic guitar, or more specifically, a Godin Multiac. Make sure to visit our store or look online at our extensive range of nylon strung instruments. The composition follows an A,A,B,A,B format and is predominantly based in C minor. This composition has many intriguing harmonic ideas and unique turnarounds that could easily be applied to your own compositions or improvisations. The B sections are rhythmically more technical, and may improve your fingerstyle technique.


Here is a link to the PDF document: