A Sticky Situation: Buyers guide to drum sticks

Whether you are a seasoned-pro, or a beginner, choosing the right drum sticks may have a greater impact on the way you play/sound than you think. 

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of drumsticks- all varying in length, width, materials, coating, grips, tips, colours, and weights. All of these options and features of a drumstick may sound like an awful lot for two pieces of wood you, primarily, hit drums with (unless you are one to boast some sweet stick tricks that people may or may not want to see). 

In this blog, we will get you out of the ~~sticky situation~~ of choosing your perfect pair. 

The most common and widely used drumstick is the 5A style stick. Although this stick has many variations, it is the most popular drumstick and is used in any and all genres of music. This stick is very popular among drummers who play rock, pop, blues, heavy metal, and any style in between. 


The most popular brand of these sticks, Vic Firth 5A, are light and durable, making them great all-around sticks. 

Slightly thicker and more durable, the 5B is a great stick for someone who wants the versatility of the 5A, but with a thicker barrel for easier grip, power distribution, and control.   


If it's a lighter stick you're after, the 7A might be the stick for you. Often used for jazz, this thinner stick allows for a subtler control of the hit and stroke of the sticks. 

Although most drum sticks are made of solid wood, many classic drum sticks come with Nylon Tips. Nylon tipped drumsticks produce a very bright sound and they are very durable. Many drummers use these for practicing. 

Some drumsticks also come with special rubber and coatings to aid and adhere to different types of grips and styles. We also offer Zildijan and Vic Firth signature sticks, so you can play the same sticks your drum heroes play. 

Remember: It's important to use a variety of sticks for different styles, and for yourself to get a good idea of what feels comfortable. 

So, whether you aspire to be the next Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, world class air drummer, or lead a marching band, we here at Rose Morris will have the right stick for you!