Rose Morris Snares

Here, we see some handcrafted, beautiful snares from 1966. Rose Morris has always offered the finest snares available and continues to due so with our current Shaftesbury brand.

502 14" x 4"
A responsive wooden shell model with six tension fittings and strip steel counter hoops. Reliable snare release with 12 strand wire snare.

324 14" x 5"
Specification as model 325 but with laminated wood shell.

325 14" x 5"
The finest snare drum available in this price range. Metal shell, rolled steel counter hoops, six tension fittings. Positive snare release, 12 strand wire snare.

415 14" x 5"
Similar specification to model 419 but with laminated wood shell; hard lacquer varnished inside for maximum resonance.